Levente Littvay

Levente Littvay


  @ home:


Határôr út 68.

H-1122 - Hungary

Tel.: (36-1) 214-0009


  @ school:

3501 Dudley

Lincoln, Nebraska 68503 – USA

Tel.: (402) 464-5731

E-mail: littvay@usa.net / ICQ: 25029832



Objective:                     Position in international business or politics and/or musician.


Education:                     Junior at University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Lincoln, Nebraska, United States. Majoring in International Business and minoring in Political Science and Spanish.  Seeking a Bachelor degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on International Business, Political Science, and Spanish. Planing to get Masters degree in Political Science with an emphasis on International Relations.  Have a GPA a hair less than 2.9.


Received High School Diploma from Terézvárosi kéttannyelvü álltalános iskola és gimnázium in Budapest, Hungary in June of 1997.  Also received High School Diploma from Columbus High School in Columbus, Nebraska, United States in May of 1996. Studied sales techniques in the American Business School in Budapest, Hungary. (1992-1995)


Speak fluent Hungarian and English.  Studied Spanish and German.


Work experience:         In 1998 was employed by University of Nebraska Housing as night clerk at my dorm. Employer: Sandy Brehner.


Researched the marketing of Hungarian political parties in the election of 1998.


Managed and played bass in a country-western band in Hungary from 1996 August to 1997 July.  Had seven concerts.


Worked full time for Intermusica Kft. in Törökbálint, Hungary (Eastern European distributor of Roland and other Instruments) as associate secretary and warehouse specialist in the summer of 1995 and 1994. Employed by Csaba Tóth.


Co-founded and managed the First Hungarian Star Trek Fan Club from fall of 1993 to spring of 1995.


Occasionally helped the Warner (Magneoton) recording band 100 Degree Celsius (from Budapest, Hungary) on road and in the studio.


Special Skills:                Speak Hungarian (first language) Also speak English fluently.  Studied Spanish for 3 years in College in the United States and currently in Toledo, Spain. Also studied German for 4 years in Middle and High School.  Can use programs and easily learn anything concerning computers. Check out my homepage!  Good intercultural and communication skills.


Activities:                      Like to play sports and organize events.  Play guitar.  Follow politics closely. Love poetry and music.

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