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This is a Seagull S6 I believe. It is a semi gloss finish. Extremely soft wood and almost no protective finish so it is an extremely fragile instrument. But it sure has the sound. I would recommend everyone who is looking for a good Acoustic to buy a Seagull. It is Made in Canada and it's sound compares to $2000-3000 guitars. (And it did not cost that much, trust me :-) It also have L.R. Baggs electronics. (if you know a little about acoustics that does not need much explaining, it sounds awesome - though because of the soft top and thin finish feedback is a problem on stage) I am planning to get the same thing in 12 string one of these days. (maybe without the electronics though) It is my baby, my love and what keeps me alive.

This is a Godin Acousticaster. Made in Canada by the same company that makes Seagull. I am very satisfied with this guitar too though I am not sure what I'll need it for. It has the most unique sound. It is an electric acoustic with special chambers in the body and some special compound metal reinforcements that give it a harp feel to it. It uses electric guitar strings so it plays just like an electric but sounds like an acoustic amplified. It is back home now. I do not have it here with me at college but it is in good hands. I love it so I will probably not get rid of it. It served me well for gigs I got over the summer. Though usually the other guitarist twisted it out of my hand because he loved it so much. Oh well. He plays an USA 52 RI Tele. (My favorite electric) It was not a bad trade for those songs. I'd recommend this guitar for anybody who is looking for a stage acoustic this is the shit right here. Though the sunburst is discontinued you can still get it in Natural and used models that look great. There was a Deluxe version of it too that looks awesome with a quilted maple top and maple fretboard.