Levente (Levi) Littvay: Remember

Levente Littvay: Remember!



Walking, that we did.

Talking, that we did


But, why?

Was it just a game?

A game You win and I play?

Did I loose?  Maybe I’ll never know

but the walk I’d never trade.

Being with You made my day great.


Life we     talked about.

Tough,     slow … or is it fast?

The road     is not strait

but we have     to walk it.

If it is     rough

we have to     take it.

Like life the     lonely road goes on.

If You need     to rest – rest,

but never     freeze

If You need     to sleep – sleep,

but never     grieve.  Alone…

Lonely?      Don’t be!





A “Lost soul in a fish bowl.”

Can You tell

cold icicle from a free eagle?

The water,

like chains to tie You down, that hold

Escape reality with words,


… Smile!




I am running too, with these words,

with strings I hang on to, I pick

and I pray they

don’t break.

Under me is the

abyss, the cliff.

A form of a different state.


I live my life:

I hurt, I feel.

Plan to spend the next year

far away from here.

Freedom!  Anarchy!


I know what to gain,

what to loose.

That why am I so afraid?


Many questions

with no answer.

What the future holds

I can’t know, no one knows.


Where are my friends now?

My shelters.

They are far … or still here.

Where will they be next semester,

next year?

And did I also loose You?

Will You ever see me as a friend?

Or You’ll only see the fool

I am.


I am weak now.

Maybe that’s why I fell for You.

I will heal fast

that much I know.

I feel better already.

I smile

You should too.




To see You smile heals me.

But to see You act so differently:

it rips my heart out,

tears my wounds up and

burry me alive.


But I resurrect to be here

for You my friend, my dear.

If You ever need a hand, an ear

A shoulder

Even if I’m far away

Reach me with the words You say,

You write

I am here my friend,

I wait

Just remember…

And Smile


Oh, and by the way:

on this day

I wish You a Happy Birthday.


Nov 2-7, 1999